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Most organizations have a stated purpose, often called a mission statement. If you look at the RDOC website or in our literature we state that: “Richmond Dog Obedience Club is an all volunteer organization dedicated to improving the relationship between pets and people by teaching responsible obedience classes.”

Those twenty-three words define RDOC to the world. They make us unique, and should separate us from the competition. They set the expectations of our club to the general public. So let's look at this statement:

  • An all volunteer organization – This is the foundation of our club. We do not depend on paid professionals to conduct our training or run our business. The membership willingly does it all.

  • Dedicated – We are here because we choose to participate. That choice is dedication's glue. Without the continual willing commitment of the membership, the club would cease to function.

  • To improving the relationship between pets and people –The goal is to make both the handler and dog a team. That is the basic joy of pet ownership, and we exist to promote this companionship.

  • By teaching responsible obedience – The tool is teaching, the methodology is obedience, and the message is responsibility.

Twenty-three words. They define us as an organization, and should make a difference in how we approach club activities. Every demonstration, trial, seminar, and activity that we conduct should be guided by those words. They are a powerful and significant statement of our club.

Regards, RDOC President


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